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Tribute to a Special Friend

By Steve and Sharon B.


Hector was our beautiful tabby cat that we adopted from the Humane Society. We were fortunate to have cared for him for over fourteen years. During this time we were able to enjoy his vibrant personality and welcome him into our lives. He brought a lot of joy to people and we will miss him a great deal.
When we first got Hector he was wild and non-trusting. He wouldn't even eat, drink or bathe in front of us. It took about a month for him to get affectionate and from then on he was our constant companion. Because he had been a stray, he did not take well to the confines of our townhouse, or the Apple Valley leash law! More than once he managed to break free and I would find that he had wandered around a bit, but never too far from his new home. Eventually he learned to adjust and sometimes would even go for walks on his leash. This would delight passersby and did a great deal for his ego.
Hector was highly attuned to spirit and nature. I first noticed this at our townhouse when I would catch him staring and meowing at the full moon. Needless to say, Hector suffered from Full Moon Fever. He loved to be outside! When the severe weather warnings would go off, he took that as his signal to get outside. He loved to feel the wind in his whiskers, hear the thunder and didn't even mind getting wet with rain, or snow. He enjoyed trailblazing in the backyard and could easily navigate through several inches of snow.
One of his favorite activities was hunting, and in spite of being declawed he managed to get a few unsuspecting critters each year. Even this last fall, when he was not in his prime, he managed to intimidate the backyard squirrels and create quite a frenzy. While hunting was his favorite outdoor activity, his indoor pursuits involved eating. He never missed an opportunity to get a treat, and waited not so patiently for the simmering crock-pot meal to be done.
Hector managed his diabetes for over six years. In spite of a few setbacks along the way he remained healthy and full of life. He had a seizure this fall that began to change things for him.
Not only was he beautiful, he was a loyal friend and companion. We were able to let him go easier knowing that his guardian angel ushered him back home during the Blue Moon on New Year's Eve. He has friends in high places and will be cared for with continued love.
We want to thank Dr. Petran, Elizabeth and the entire Staff of Apple Lake. Their personalized care, support and professionalism made it a joy to care for our friend, Hector.