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Here are some cool links --all about animals!

If you have any fun stories, pictures, or a favorite website about pets, pass it along!  Send them to us at

These sites have a lot of great information about companion animals:

Animal Care Center

A children's guide to dog care.

Animal Planet


National Geographic for Kids: This is a super site to help you learn about all kinds of animals.

If you like to color, this is the place.  You can print out your own coloring pages.  

This is a great site for both kids and adults!

This site tells you all about rabies.  Rabies vaccines are very important for pets that live in Minnesota. Did you know that your veterinarian and veterinary staff have to get rabies shots too?

Go to this site for lots of pictures of baby animals.  Isn't she cute? 

This is a great site to learn about animals from all over the world!

This site features animals from the rain forest!

Check this out.  The International Wolf Center is in Minnesota!