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Leon was with my family for 15 years.  He developed a very serious type of bone cancer in his hip in the last year of his life.  There was nothing to be done, but make sure he didn't needlessly suffer.  The first day that he didn't want to go for a car ride I knew it was time. It's been several years since he's been gone and tears still come to my eyes when I think about him.  

Pembroke Welsh Corgi's are a very unique breed.  As you can see in this photo, they smile.  They are very natural herders, which meant a lot of torn pants legs until we could get him properly trained.  My kids were little when he was a pup and he never let them out of his sight.  He had the most endearing habit of sleeping for short periods of time in each of their rooms in the night.  I would hear him walk into one daughter's room, plop down on the floor and take a big sigh before going to sleep for an hour or two.  Then, he would awaken, walk to my other daughter's room and go through the same motions.

He was afraid of thunder.  We would find him hanging out in the closet during a storm.  He was positive that  everyone he met on our walks was eager to meet him and give him a good belly rub. As soon as he spotted someone coming his behind would start to wiggle.

He loved to go camping and canoeing.  He always had to be first in line as we hiked on the trail. He'd run a fair ways up and then come back to check on us. He stood in the bow of the canoe while we paddled.  I honestly believe he thought he was leading the way.  What can I say?  He probably was.
He is in our hearts.

Submitted by: Elizabeth Petran