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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is pet health insurance?

All pets will become sick at some point in their lives, just like people.  We know you want to focus on helping your pet get better, and not on the cost of treatment.  Health insurance is one of many tools that you can use to help prepare for the unexpected.  Below we outline several popular insurance policies as examples.  Many others are available, with various options to fit every lifestyle.  We encourage all pet owners considering insurance to visit the websites or call the companies directly with questions to make sure you understand the details of the policy.  Please note that the information listed below is a summary only and may change over time.   

Who should get insurance?

Insurance is beneficial for any pet.   Pets of all breeds, ages, and sizes have their own set of unique health concerns.  For example, large breed dogs are prone to orthopedic diseases such as hip dysplasia or torn knee ligaments.  Small breed dogs often have crowded teeth which are prone to periodontal disease.  And even cats develop diseases such as diabetes and kidney failure, which may require frequent lab testing or costly medications.  

Apple Lake Animal Hospital | Pet Insurance | Veterinarian | Rosemount, MN 55068

When should I start insurance?

It’s never too late to start coverage, but we generally recommend starting insurance during the first year to avoid pre-existing condition exclusions and provide coverage for potentially costly juvenile diseases, such as hip dysplasia or foreign object ingestion.

Key questions to ask your insurance carrier:

  • Is lab testing covered?
  • Are dental services such as prophylactic scaling, X rays, or extractions covered?
  • Is there a waiting period or pre-existing conditions clause?
  • Is surgery and ER service covered?
  • Are complementary services covered, such as chiropractic, physical therapy, or behavioral services?
  • Are end of life services covered, such as euthanasia, cremation, or house calls.

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  • Covers 90% of costs after deductible with no caps on coverage.
  • Owners can choose their own deductible amount. Deductible is NOT annual – it is per illness for the lifetime of a pet.  Once the deductible is met for that illness, 90% coverage kicks in for the remainder of pet’s life for services related to that illness. 
  • Coverage begins 30 days after purchase for diseases or 5 days for injury.
  • Covers: illness and injury, hereditary conditions, and other treatments.
  • Excludes: pre-existing conditions, end of life services like cremation, and all wellness services such as vaccinations, exams, nail trims, and parasite preventatives.
  • Dental coverage: provides very thorough coverage for treatments and extractions, provided that regular prophylaxis (scaling) is performed. 
  • Riders are available for additional coverage such as rehabilitation, Boarding and vacation benefits, or breeding concerns.
  • Three major plan options: whole pet, major medical, and wellness only.
  • No limitations on which veterinarian to use, allowing for flexibility while traveling outside the US.
  • Whole pet covers: Injury and illness, hereditary conditions, and wellness services such as vaccinations, and parasite preventatives.   There is no waiting period for hereditary or certain knee conditions.  There is 90% coverage after a deductible, and no annual coverage cap.
  • Major medical covers: an extensive list of specific illnesses and injuries, including dental extractions.  No wellness coverage.  There is a specific amount reimbursed after deductible and no annual coverage cap.   
  • Wellness only includes two tiers: basic or plus.  Both plans reimburse a set amount and cover routine care such as exams, vaccinations, fecal testing, and others.   There is no deductible, but there is an annual cap for total coverage.
  • Check with the carrier for specific waiting periods or pre-existing condition clauses.
  • Highly customizable, with options to set your annual coverage limit, deductible, and coverage options. Unlimited coverage is an available option.
  • Offer a variety of plans including accident only, complete illness/injury, and add on wellness riders.
  • Example services covered by the complete plan include: exams, dental extractions and treatments, Xrays, surgery, and others. 
  • Dental prophylaxis is covered separately under the wellness riders.
  • Some coverage options include difficult to find coverage, such as cremation, acupuncture, mircochips, or behavioral services.
  • Check with the carrier for specific waiting periods or pre-existing condition clauses.